Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Internet and The Truth: Perverse Ideas

There is someone called Geoffrey Falk who has his internet page at He has written a book called "Stripping Gurus" ( in which (he thinks) he has exposed all the great personalities of our age. The truth, of course, is that actually he has exposed the depth of perversity of his own mind! He thinks that by writing about the private 'sexual' life of great people, he has achieved a great exposé! What the people he claims to have exposed have actually done, he has no idea of that. He just needed a topic to which people (the likes of this gentleman himself) would take fancy, and so he will be able to become 'famous' and hopefully also make some money. This I think is the 'power' of the Internet, where anything can be peddled as literature or knowledge, and the number of people who may fall prey to such peddlers can only be guessed.

It is interesting to have a look at the list of people that this gentleman has tried to expose: Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Muktananda, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Andrew Cohen, The Dalai Lama. Any person who would have understood, say, Krishnamurti, would he still have those perverse of ideas in his mind? That is unimaginable! It is height of perfidy that having not understood anything of anyone, you proceed to judge that person, and then announce your perfidy to the world! It is true and commonly understood fact that the person in his ego state can only see himself: so everyone in the world is, like himself, a sinner. And if tries to look into something deeper, the more irresistible and stark is the image of himself that he sees, and the more tenaciously would he stick to it. He may get terrorised at the remotest possibility of his 'self' being challenged by anyone else. And what have people like Krishnamurti done but to challenge our deep seated belief in our ego, the 'I-world', and its total grip on us? So this person detested the idea of being challenged in the deepest of his ego-layers, and came up with this reaction, equally deep, in the form of 'demolishing' the great people by 'exposing' them! It is astonishing what all businesses people have come to undertake to make a living in our modern age. You can find people, and organisations, who would try to 'debunk' the climate crisis, just because this challenge is so big, and therefore they feel 'big' in debunking it! You might find hundreds of people who would spend their lifetime in refuting Jesus Christ, or Gandhi, or Hellen Keller. This indeed is an open world, a free-for-all world. How much caution, alertness, and awareness is needed to survive in this treacherous world is evident from this. Because people out to make a living out of their perversity will fully devote themselves to their 'work' and make themselves look like real professionals so that we may even wonder whether Mother Teresa was any different from, say, Bin Laden!

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